Box Sterilisasi Uang Otomatis Menggunakan Radiasi Sinar Ultraviolet Dilengkapi Dengan Pendeteksi Keaslian Uang

  • Muhammad Dimas Universitas Mandala Waluya
Keywords: Sterilization, Ultraviolet, Authenticity Of Money, Color sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor


The sterilization box and automatic money authenticity detector is a tool that has 2 functions at once, namely it can sterilize banknotes and also detect the authenticity of money automatically. The design of this tool aims to reduce direct contact with other users using ultrasonic sensors, sterilize money using UV-C and detect the authenticity of money using UV-A and color sensors.

               The design of this tool uses the ATmega328 Microcontroller as an automatic controller of the entire circuit when processing data. The object detection process uses an ultrasonic sensor which will respond to the servo motor to open and close the door automatically, then the color sensor and UV-A will detect the nominal and authentic reading of the money then proceed with the UV-C sterilization process. The entire process is displayed on a display in the form of an LCD.

               From the whole series of testing tools, the nominal reading process and the authenticity of money can work well against money with a nominal value of Rp. 50,000 and Rp. 100,000 with the money in good condition, no discoloration caused by stains.

 From the results of this study, the Automatic Money Sterilization Box Using Ultraviolet Radiation Equipped with a Money Authenticity Detector can work well as expected and can already be used. The development suggestions for further research can add the amount of nominal money that can be detected.