Termometer Digital Tanpa Kontak Dengan Keluaran Suara Berbasis Microcontroller Atmega 168

  • muh riko deswara universitas mandala waluya
Keywords: ATmega168, MLX90614, DFPlayer, seven segment.


A digital thermometer is a tool used to measure the temperature of the human body, this tool is designed to measure temperature without having direct contact with the user, besides that this digital thermometer has a sound output and is also equipped with a rechargeable battery so that it does not depend on the power supply. from PLN. The purpose of this study is to design a contactless digital thermometer with sound output in order to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus when measuring body temperature. The design of this tool uses the Atmega168 Microcontroller as an automatic controller of the entire circuit when processing data. For the use process, if the IR sensor detects an object with a maximum distance of 5cm, the MLX90614 sensor will retrieve the object's temperature data. Furthermore, the temperature data obtained by the MLX90614 sensor will be displayed to the Seven segment. And DFPlayer will play the audio stored on the MSDCard according to the data displayed on the Seven Segment through the Speaker. The results of the observational data carried out can be said that a contactless digital thermometer with sound output has good accuracy results. This is shown in the value of the comparison between the standardized comparison tool (thermogun) and the module that is made to have a difference in value of 0.98. Meanwhile, the value displayed on the LCD is in accordance with the sound emitted by the speaker. From the results of the research, the digital thermometer tool without contact with sound output has been able to work well and can be used. The suggestions for the development of further research are to add an automatic hand sanitizer system, and also to add an automatic body size detection sensor so that users are more comfortable.