rancang bangun sistem mekanik hand sanitizer otomatis berbasis mikrokontroller atmega 8

  • Abdul Wahid Universitas Mandala Waluya
Keywords: Hand sanitizer, Microcontroller, Mechanical System.


Hand sanitizer is an antiseptic substance in which there is alcohol with a percentage of 60-95%. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), hand sanitizer can eliminate germs in less than 30 seconds. The practical way of using it without requiring a water source and quickly killing germs is the main advantage of hand sanitizers that makes consumers of this product interested in buying. The design of this tool uses the ATmega8 Microcontroller as a controller for the overall mechanical system circuit and several devices such as ultrasonic sensors to detect the presence of objects in the form of human hands, IR sensors to detect the level of liquid levels, stepper motors to drive the mechanical hand sanitizer system, and iron cylinders designed as hand sanitizer suppressor. The results of the design of this tool indicate that an automatic hand sanitizer mechanical system can be designed using a cylindrical iron that is connected to a stepper motor whose rotation direction is controlled by the ATmega8 microcontroller based on the signal received from the ultrasonic sensor and the liquid level detection sensor. From the results of this study, the Design of an Automatic Hand Sanitizer Mechanical System Based on the ATmega8 Microcontroller can work well as expected and can already be used. The suggestions for development for further research can be to add a non-contact temperature sensor, change the driver to a better driver, streamline the tool again and add a charging system using solar panels.