• MUHAMMMAD RIDWAN Shoalsabil Universitas Mandala Waluya
Keywords: MQ-2, GP2Y1010AU0F OptICal Dust Sensor, IC ATmega328, Sterilisasi


This operating room air sterilizer is a prototype tool that is used to monitor and sterilize operating room air particles to prevent the spread of nosocomial infections through the air. Several types of operating rooms have also used an air hepafilter, but those in the operating room are not equipped with dust and gas sensors and still cannot operate automatically to run the fan. For this reason, the author aims to design and manufacture an operating room air sterilizer that can operate automatically, equipped with a gas sensor and a dust sensor with a fan output as the circulation of air particle disposal.

                    This tool is designed to use the ATmega328 Microcontroller as an automatic controller of the entire circuit when processing data. To measure the air content using the dust and gas sensor, the value of the dust and gas content will be processed automatically by the microcontroller to be displayed on the 16x2 LCD, if the value of the dust and gas content is above the predetermined measurement, the relay will run the fan to remove gas. or dust but previously the incoming air has been filtered using a hepa filter to replace dirty air.                    Based on the results of the observation data, it shows that the prototype of the operating room air sterilization that has been made can work well. This is indicated by the results of the exhaust circulation of the fan which can work immediately if the sensor detects dust levels above 0.10 mg/m3 and gas above 115 ppm.                    From the results of the research carried out, this prototype operating room air sterilizer can work as expected and can already be used. The suggestions for development for further research can add humidity sensors and UV lights as germ killers in the air so that the air produced can be completely sterile from germs and bacteria.