Rancang Bangun Nebulizer Kompresor Otomatis Menggunakan Sensor Fotodioda Sebagai Pendeteksi Cairan Obat

  • muhammad fikri universitas mandala waluya
Keywords: Nebulizer, Automatic, Compressor, Photodiode



Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract where there are many cells in the human body that can cause inflammation or inflammation. Nebulizers are commonly used as a treatment for chronic asthma and are suitable for both children and adults. The previous nebulizer was a nebulizer whose use was still manual, therefore, this design aims to make an automatic compressor nebulizer equipped with a photodiode sensor as a liquid drug detector. This automatic compressor nebulizer design is made using an automatic system. Photodiode sensor as receiver / signal receiver and IR LED as transmitter / signal giver. Then the signal will be amplified by the comperator circuit using IC LM358 and forwarded to the relay driver as an automatic switch and to control the compressor motor, where if the sensor detects the presence of liquid, the sensor will send alogic signal hight/low to the relay driver to control the compressor motor. The design of this tool was carried out in July – September 2021 at the Workshop of the Electrical-medical Technology Study Program, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Mandala Waluya. From the results of the design of an automatic compressor nebulizer using a photodiode sensor as a drug liquid detector, it can be seen that the tool works well according to the conditions in the nebulizer cup. Where if the liquid in the nebulizer cup runs out, the motor will automatically stop, while if the nebulizer cup still has medicinal liquid, the motor will continue to work. So that the compressor nebulizer evaporation process takes a long time so that it can be used for children and adults. Suggestions for further development that will continue research, in order to use sensors that have a fairly high level of accuracy, added a buzzer as a sound indicator and a timer to set the time for administering fluids,  make the toolbox more attractive and minimalist again.